Agricultural services

Pistacyl agriculture

Our love for the land and extensive experience in the field of agriculture have allowed us to put our knowledge and a team of more than 50 professionals at the disposal of our clients through our Agrícola Pistacyl service company.

With it, we provide advice, personnel and specialized machinery for work related to viticulture, pistachio cultivation and forestry services, offering a turnkey service to our clients throughout the country.

Our services

Viticulture services

We have the most modern fleet of machinery equipped with the latest technologies to attend to any need related to viticultural work, such as harvesting, pre-pruning, mechanical trimming and stripping.
We also have professional experts in the entire vineyard process, from planning the plantation to the installation of trellises, drip irrigation and vine care.

Pistachio cultivation services

Thanks to our experience and research on pistachios, we can offer a comprehensive and highly specialized service in the cultivation of this nut, which ranges from the planting of the tree to advice on the variety and production process of the pistachio, the maintenance of the plantation and harvesting of the crop.

Forestry services

We are specialists in the design and field work for the planting of new forest areas and the recovery of unproductive areas, through their reforestation by planting trees and shrubs in the wilderness and other areas.

Our clients