Who are we?

Our history…

With a long family tradition linked to agriculture, Pistacyl was born in 2001 with its constitution as a company promoted by the Pérez Heras siblings.

Initially it was focused on working the vineyard, with a first plantation of 3 hectares in Pozal de Gallinas, a town in Valladolid where the family comes from.

Over the years, Pistacyl expanded its activity to the provision of viticulture, agricultural and forestry services, and in 2008 it made a firm commitment to pistachio cultivation in Castile and Leon.


Currently, our company is the largest producer in the Region, a pioneer in the marketing of raw pistachios and a benchmark in specialized advice on this crop.

In addition, since 2021, at Grupo Pistacyl we have also been producing our own DO Rueda wine, which we market under the Desacato brand.

And all this without losing our roots and our attachment to the land, but always with our sight on the future.



Pistacyl is created to work the vineyards in Pozal de Gallinas (Valladolid)


The provision of viticulture services begins in Castile and Leon and La Rioja


Start of pistachio cultivation by planting 80 trees on half a hectare of land in Moraleja de las Panaderas


Start of the R&D project for the adaptation of pistachio cultivation in Castile and Leon


Expansion of the pistachio plantation area with new plots in Pozal de Gallinas, Moraleja de las Panaderas and Fresno el Viejo (Valladolid)


Start of a research project with ITACyL and CDTI to adapt and improve the production and quality of pistachio cultivation in Castile and Leon


Provision of comprehensive advisory services on pistachio cultivation


First Prize for Rural Business Innovation awarded by the Valladolid Provincial Council and the Parque Científico Foundation of the University of Valladolid


Obtaining the Tierra de Sabor’s “Sabor Saludable” seal


Collaboration in the employment of people with disabilities with the INTRAS foundation


Obtaining the Innovative SME seal granted by the Ministry of Science and Innovation


Provision of forestry services and recovery of unproductive areas in collaboration with the NGO Campo Nature


Obtaining the GlobalG.A.P. certification


Second prize for Innovative Projects for the self-employed and rural SMEs in the province of Valladolid, convened by the Valladolid Provincial Council and the University of Valladolid’s Parque Científico


Market launch of packaged pistachios in El Corte Inglés, Agropal supermarkets and Tierra de Sabor market place


Making of Desacato wine, with Verdejo grapes from DO Rueda


First pistachio exports to Europe