The PISTACYL pistachio is large, with an intense green color, reminiscent of the freshness of nature itself, and an intense flavor of authentic pistachio.

That is why we sell our product raw, without any type of roasting, salt or any other addition, which allows us to preserve all its flavor and nutritional properties.

Thus, in addition to being a very tasty nut, our pistachio is very healthy, with a high percentage of monounsaturated fats and dietary fiber, and a great content of potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron, but with a very low percentage of sodium.

The dedication to our product is what represents us and we had not stopped until we found the best pistachio to bring to your table: the perfect pistachio, a premium pistachio of the highest quality.

National product

Raw Pistachio

Not roasted, additive and salt-free

Premium quality

A nutrient bomb,impossible to be healthier


The pistachio tree requires great patience. From the time it is planted, it takes between seven and eight years for the first pistachios to begin to bear. During this time, we make sure that each tree has all the necessary hydration and care to be able to get the final product of the best quality.


The pistachio begins to grow at the end of April and is harvested at the end of October. By this date, the fruit will have grown more than the shell, which causes it to break and make it
easier for us to crack it to consume it. At this exact moment is when we proceed to harvest with the help of a vibrating umbrella.


At the selection process, the pistachios arrive still inside the outer shell, which is reddish in color. We first dry them in our special horizontal dryer. We then extract them with great care and select the best quality.


After this final selection, the best pistachio nuts from our harvests are ready to be packed in perfectly sealed bags, so that they can reach our customers preserving all their qualities.


Our great experience and participation in numerous research projects related to pistachio
cultivation, make us dominate the production of this nut and its development.

Through our Advisory Service, our experts put at your disposal all this extensive knowledge
that we have acquired over the years.

Contact us and we will inform you.


El Corte Inglés Supermarkets
Agropal Supermarkets
Gadis Supermarkets
Casa Elías Supermarkets
Tierra de Sabor Market

And at other points of sale in Spain and Europe.

If you are interested in acquiring or distributing our pistachio, contact us: info@pistacyl.com